Welcome to De!aneywork.

De!aneywork is an ongoing and somewhat random repository for my adventures in the worlds of art and design. The work is both digital and good old fashioned analog. It encompasses assignments done for clients and well as pieces driven by the pure pleasure of creativity. The design philosophy is driven by simplicity and the need to get the most impact from a minimal number of elements. In short, less is more (where have I heard that before?). But beyond the desire for a good looking page there lies a more vexing challenge of problem solving. And this demands an insightful definition of the problem itself. Asking the right questions is every bit as important as coming up with an unexpected answer. As one of my more brilliant mentors once said, “The answer, when found, will be obvious.”

Timothy Delaney began his career in communications in New York during tail end of the Mad Men era. His years at the legendary agency Scali, McCabe, Sloves lead to award winning work on clients such as Perdue Chicken, Volvo and Nikon. A move to Seattle brought him to the epicenter of the digital world just as it was beginning to have an impact on the advertising business. There, his work for Alaska Airlines at Livingston & Company continued to win awards. This was followed by assignments with DDB/Needham and Hal Riney in Chicago.

Delaney lives in Beacon, NY, comfortably wedged between the Hudson River and Mount Beacon.